History of Norwalk

According to some evidence of the Archaeological department the history of Norwalk went to 5000 years ago. This idea is taken by the artifacts found around the Wards Street. The first ever recorded human contact was the European when Adriane Block a Dutch navigator a fur trader is going to America. He mentioned their first visit to Norwalk Islands. Then Roger Ludlow and Daniel Patrick bought this place in 1640. They divided this into two parts. One is owned by Roger and other by Patrick.

Nathan Hale an American spy who sailed to Norwalk in 1776. After that British forces arrived there on 10th July 1779. These forces came under the guidance of General William Tryon. General totally destroyed the Norwalk city only 6 houses are left there. After the end of the revolutionary war the citizens of the city are compensated for what they lost in the war.history_of_norwalk

The New Heaven and New York Railroad operation is started in 1849. A Railroad through Danbury to Norwalk is started in 1852. The first ever major train bridge disaster happened in 1853 in the city of Norwalk. In this incident a train is falls into Norwalk River. In this 30 people are injured and about 50 are died. In the 19th century Oyster farming gone to its peak point in Norwalk. This continued till early 20th century. Norwalk has the largest steam powered boat for oyster till 1880. In 1836 the Norwalk is called as a borough, in 1893 it is called as town and in 1913 it is called as a city. Maritime Aquarium is a very big aquarium, where 100s of marine animals present. This aquarium is started with the effort of many local organizations and the government. This is settled in South Norwalk in the mid of 1970s.

Emergency Services in Norwalk

Emergency-Services-in-Norwa I am writing this post regarding the norwalk city emergency services. Norwalk emergency services available 24*7. There are EMS norwalk hospital which provide paramedics and EMT services which is available whenever you need. The norwalk city emergency hospitals also available in Weston, Wilton and Westport. The best thing about the norwalk emergency services is whenever you will need these emergency services they will provide you as soon as possible.EMS services of the Norwalk Hospital are one of the top services in the region and the state. The ambulances of the Norwalk Hospital reach very quickly when you are in need of that. When you will make a call to the Norwalk hospital the ambulance will reach to you and paramedics and EMT will help you in the hospital. Emergency services of Norwalk Hospital work in bonding with Norwalk Police Department and Norwalk Fire Department.

There are more than 120 professional fire fighters in the Norwalk fire department, who are ready for any services 24/7 and 365. These firefighters are paid by the government. The fire stations are located throughout the city. The Norwalk Fire Department watches the operation of these fire stations. Deputy Chief is the commanding body of these fire stations. These fire stations are well equipped with all the facilities needed at the time of any emergency. More than 32 fighters are available on duty every time. Every year the Fire Department of Norwalk responds over 6000 emergency calls.

Unemployment Rate of Connecticut Falls to 6.4%

unemployment2According to the reports of Fairfield County the Connecticut unemployment rate falls to 6.4%. This is the lowest rate in the span of six years. This is declared by the situation report on Labor by Department of labor of Connecticut. The unemployment rate is going to be steady. It is 6.6% in august, 6.4% for September now it is 6.4% now it is holding at the same point for October also. The rate of jobless persons in the state is 6.4%. This rate is more if you compare this to countries unemployment rate which is 5.8%.

According to these reports it is shown that this rate is at their lowest since November 2008. This shows an increase of 4,900 jobs in the private sector in the month of October. Overall 70,600 private jobs are increase in the state from January 2011. According to the statement of Gov. Daniel P. Malloy “this decrement in the unemployment shows us a progress sign. We are experiencing the best growth period in a decade by over 70,000 private jobs are created from January 2011”.

He also said that “we are committed to do everything for keeping our state in the way of Connecticut economic revival. We are working with many business communities to increase our operations with them. We are admired to put our state on the path of development and prosperity.”

In the month of October 3,600 additional jobs are adjusted on a seasonally basis, but after that also the unemployment rate remains at 6.4% as it is in September. The rate for jobless persons is going down from 7.6% as compared to October 2013. so people are going  in other activities like the gaming slots.

The job loss in the public sector is overcome by 4,900 new private jobs. The retail sector is the biggest gainer with 2,400 jobs. There are 18,300 jobs in total which are included in total in 10 months of this year, if we compare this one with the same period in 2013 than in this span only 13,700 jobs are created.

The largest increase of force growth in 2014 is in the month of October. In this month it adds 0.6% or 10,675 people. Now the state has recovered to 87,900 of the 119,100 jobs which they lost during recession period of March 2008 to February 2010. This covered now 73.8% of the jobs they lost.