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All about my favorite city in the east coast

Welcome to The Daily Norwalk

I’ve grown up in the city of Norwalk and I am interested in making this website to talk about the most important aspects of our city. Norwalk is not a huge city, (about 85K people live here according to the 2010 census).Home_Welcome-to-The-Daily-N

It covers a land area of about 23 Square miles and population per square miles is 3,745. It is the sixth most populated city in Connecticut. Due to the farming of Oysters it is also nicknamed as Oyster Town. An Oyster festival is held here every September. Did you know? That traditional American song “Yankee Doodle” is originates from our city of Norwalk. Transportation in Norwalk is mainly by buses. You can also go there by trains. There is not any scheduled air services but airport like JFK international airport and LaGuardia airport are nearby them. There are many landmark sites and places of attraction there. There are museums, aquariums and many other places you can visit. And there are so many good educational institutes here. The economy of Norwalk is spread between 12 NAICS industry groups. It is providing employment to about 42k peoples.

I designed this website because not a lot of media cover news from Norwalk. There is only 2 daily newspapers and a weekly newspaper. There are a couple of news websites also which are run by large companies. They provide big news related to the city. They are not able to provide small incident news because they don’t have time and space for these small issues. By keeping this in mind and providing you with every small news in my city is that I make this commitment to my readers.

There were some incidents that happened in the past which I think should have been in the news but they were not. This gives me an idea of designing this website by which peoples can also know the small happening in the city. There was an incident happened with a shopkeeper in Waukee when he was looted and beaten by some robbers but it wasn’t in the news. There are some more incidents that also inspired me to do this, so now all news about Norwalk, no matter how small, will have a home.

Thanks for visiting this website.

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